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About Teddy Bear in a Box

How To's | About Us | We're Beary Newsworthy!
Teddy bears are meant to be special, hugged and loved. Our stuffed animals are wonderful interactive gifts and more memorable than a typical store-bought stuffed animals because they can be made and personalized by you.

You can order your animal how you like it. If you're looking for a fun, interactive activity for a birthday party or a great alternative to visiting a Build A BearÒ store, we have what you're looking for. Or you can choose to have us bring your stuffed animal to life, and we will stuff and dress it for you. Your stuffed animal will arrive ready to be loved!

Our animals are ALL 15" in height (about the size from your elbow to the tips of your fingers). This is the perfect size a stuffed animal to grabbed in a great big bear hug.

There is something beary special for everyone -- from Get Well (with hospital gown, crutch and cast) to New Baby, Superbear (You're the Greatest, or You Can Do It!) and ballerina costumes to chefs, doctor scrubs, and police; your friend can have many outfits for every kind of special occasion.

Each plush stuffed animal comes with a birth certificate. Individual orders are shipped inside our unique patent-pending design box, the Ted E. Makers, BEAR CHAIR, which can transform into a high chair, so your stuffed animal can rest in style!

STUFFED: You can either choose from our GREAT GIFTS section, or choose a la carte from our Animal section, and select the Stuffed option when you order. If you choose a separate animal with outfit and/or accessories, we will stuff and dress it for you. Our Ted E. Makers then stuff and dress your animal for you.

UNSTUFFED: Our kits come with everything needed to make a furry friend for life, including an unstuffed bear (or a dog, pig or kitty), hypoallergenic stuffing, a birth certificate, one of many great outfits and a beary simple instruction sheet.

Unstuffed How To's
Step 1

Each has an opening with a zipper (no sewing necessary!) in its back to insert stuffing and love inside.

Step 2

Then choose from fun outfits and sound chips to further customize your furry friend.

Step 3
The interactive bear-making activity wouldn't be complete without an official birth certificate for your new furry friend. The birth certificate details the name and information of your new stuffed animal, so you can record when the "new friend" joined the family. The birth certificate is a wonderful way for you or your gift recipient to personalize their new friend.

Whether it's to give as a special gift or keep for yourself, your cuddly friend is special because you helped bring it to "life."

About Us

Teddy Bear In A Box began in 2000 in hopes of bringing a teddy bear to every child on Planet Earth. There are a lot of kids on Earth, and that’s why we need your help in getting the word out about Teddy Bear In A Box!

Teddy Bear In A Box began as a make-your-own stuffed animal birthday party business, located in the heart of New York City. Thankfully, we have found homes for many of our bears that way and made many children happy. “This is the best party concept ever!” is what the kids typically say as they leave with their new furry best friends. And, now kids are saying, “My Teddy Bear In A Box” kit was the greatest gift ever!

As a supporter of the Gift Of New York, established to provide cultural and recreational activities to the families of 9.11, Teddy Bear In A Box provided teddy bears to the children affected by this tragedy.

Listen to our radio spot on WPLJ and read our press.


Teddybearinabox.com's over 25 teddy bears make perfect birthday gifts, get well gifts, baby gifts, Valentines Day gifts, Easter gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Graduation gifts, Christmas gifts or personalized gifts for any occasion. Every Bear comes in a gift box that transforms into a "high chair" with a free personalized card. It's a great gift idea and a creative alternative to other boring gifts like flowers or chocolate. Whether it's to give as a special gift or keep for yourself, your cuddly friend is special because you helped bring it to "life."