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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to thank your company for their prompt delivery and quality product. I was hesitant in ordering a product I had never seen, but once the products arrived I was all too pleased. They arrived within 4 days of my order being placed. The animals were exceptionally cute and there was not a thing missing from the order. I placed an order for 22 animals and your company included all the correct assortment of animals, their stars, and birth certificates. My daughter’s first birthday was a hit and all the parents and children alike had a wonderful time. I look forward to using and referring your company in the future!
Thanks again for your fantastic customer service!


Great company, products are high quality (and very cute). Everything arrived promptly, and the kids were thrilled with the experience of creating their own animals and dressing them up. All in all, I would recommend this company highly.


Teddy Bear in a Box was a pleasure to deal with!! Their website was complete and professional, with all of the information necessary (return policy, shipping policy, etc) to make an informed purchase, unlike other websites that offered a similar service. This was the main reason we initially chose the company. Then, we had ordered an item that unfortunately had just gone out of stock, and we were called immediately the next day, early in the morning, directly by the company, and were offered a satisfactory alternative. We were impressed by that as well. The order was delivered within a day or two of that phone call. The merchandise was of the highest quality. We were doing a stuff-it-yourself teddy bear party and the supplies sent with the bears (i.e. stuffing) were ample. We appreciated as well the discount and free shipping the company offered for large orders. We were very satisfied with our experience with this company and would definitely recommend this company to others!


I bought these bears as Christmas gifts for all of my nieces and nephews. I was able to personalize each one to the childs interest, and had them shipped directly to them. The kids all loved them, and it was one of the easiest Christmas gifts Ive found. The website was easy to use and the bears were shipped quickly. I couldnt have asked for more!


I had received a defected outfit for one of the animals I had ordered. When I notified the company they immediatly replaced the outfit with a non defected one. The ease of ordering was excellent and the customer service I received went beyond excellent as they were easy to contact and returned my email immediatly.!


Maureen from Pennslyvania


Subject: I love your bears!
From: Maureen
To: ted@teddybearinabox.com


I am a true believer that everyone should have a teddy bear, regardless of his or her age. I ordered a Teddy Bear (Cinnamon) for my boyfriend (Jeff) as part of his Christmas presents. He had a little brown bear (Smokey) when he was small and he has told me this bear went “everywhere” with him. The story goes that when he moved out on his own and to another state for a job opportunity, he had left Smokey behind but had planned to come back for him and the rest of his belongings. Well, his mom did not realize he wanted Smokey and she sold him at a yard sale. He has commented to me that he sometimes wishes he still had Smokey. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is a grown man of 44 now and does not need to take his teddy bear with him. It’s more the sentimental value of the bear that means so much to him. Well, I know I can never get the original Smokey back for him but I thought I would adopt a new bear for him, which will carry a different sentimental value with it.

I have been looking around for about 4 months to find a suitable Teddy bear. I did not want to just go to Wal-Mart and pick up any old bear off the shelf. This had to be a “special bear” and I was not sure what would make this bear unique from the rest of the bears in the world. After 4 months of searching for the perfect bear, I started thinking about how difficult it might be to make one myself. So I did an internet search for kits. That’s when I came across your site. I cannot even begin to tell you how much time I spent on your web site, looking at every bear and the accessories. I knew I had found the “caretakers” that Jeff’s bear would be adopted from. Making the decision on which bear to adopt was a very tough decision. It was a toss up between Cinnamon, Snuggle and Happy. I finally decided on Cinnamon and I could not be more please with the choice.

To my surprise, Cinnamon arrived at my door yesterday. I did not know what to expect as I opened the box, since I had never assembled a bear before. The box was neatly packaged. I took photographs of the entire process from the unopened box right up through having the bear completed, footed PJ’s and all. I am planning to put these photographs into a mini scrapbook that will be wrapped up with the new bear (still un-named, as Jeff will get to name him/her.) so Jeff can see just how this bear came to be.
To you and your company, I wish to extend a huge THANK YOU for making such a wonderful product. I am planning to purchase at least 5 more bears over time. One for each of my nieces and nephews (2 boys, 2 girls: They are quadruplets) and of course, one for me. Your bears are top of the line and of an exceptional quality and I just cannot wait for Christmas to come so I can give Jeff his new bear! I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends and family.

Thanks again for making these Bears available!


Susie from Miami


Melanie from New York City

Thank you Teddy Bear In A Box! I ordered product for my son’s 5th birthday, and was somewhat concerned about whether the boys would enjoy this type of activity, but this was not an issue at all and in fact we understand that many superbears are tucked in each night with their makers. The toy quality is great and the experience overall still talked discussed. Further, the bears have been the hands down best party favors yet- even according to my daughter “better than candy.”